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Tales of the World
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Estelle Fenix and Marcus Wiseman are two rookie Guilders based in Clockwork Town. Their job brings them into meeting various characters and embarking on adventures that will take them across the kingdom and to explore the world. There will be laughter, tears, life, death, romance, heartache, adversity, tribulations, conspiracies and a whole load of monster ass-kicking. This is a Legend of Heroes. This is Tales of the World.

The Legend of Heroes: Tales of the World is an ongoing Roleplay of a casual standard with nine current players contributing to its collaborative plot. The RP is of an action, adventure, and medieval-fantasy genre whose storyline follows a group of Guilders who venture through missions for myriads of reasons: to gain money, to help civilians, to increase their strengths.

Or, as better explained by Largo: "We do not steal! We do not cheat! We do not lie! We do the mission that we're given by our client and we fulfill it to the letter, to the best of our ability!"

This Wikia will be used as a glossary-type site for those partaking in the RP as well as those interested in reading it up.

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Estelle Fenix

Marcus Wiseman


Trixie May

Moira Dennis

Syed Dyjani

Selan Leclair

Lisette Marchand & Kapi

Don Capuello

Dylan Sanders

Lucien Maddox

Aria Corvus

Xandra Farren

Other Protagonists

Largo {The Lion} Mann


Other Secretaries

Josette Capuello

Other Guilders


Colchester Grale

Nikkolaira Wyatt

Tobias Zenmyr

Trent Walker

Eleanor and Malik Wyfoot

Tiberius Rex


(above incl. Museo sub/bosses, Wier sub/bosses)

The Cat Theives

The Family



Don's Bros

Moira's Siblings

The World of Ddaear

The Guild


Lore (e.g. gods, myths, & legends)





Art Gallery


Instrumental Playlist

Character Theme Playlist


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